New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 carbon 2nd Gen Laptop Motherboard Mainboard W8P i5-4200 8GB FRU 00UP971 04X5586 00HN775 04X6403 00HN763 GX490 NM-C661 For X1C Carbon 8th Yoga 5th laptop motherboard With CPU I7-10710U RAM 8G mainboard Akemy Original CARBON TYPE 20A7 20A8 I7 i7-4600 Fan 00UP985 X1c PC LMQ-1 MB 12298-2 4550U Quality Assurance 100% Test OK x1c notebook I5 13268-1 assurance 14 LCD Display Screen for Thinkpad B140HAN03.1 FRU:00NY435 eDP MNE007ZA1-2 14 inch 9th 2021 HDR 3840x2400 5D10V82369 Replace Applicable to LP140QH1(SP)(A2) x1 3rd 14.0 WQHD IPS Glare Touch 00HN827 00HN894 TOUCH UPPER ASSEMBLY A&B Cover HD+ 1600*900 Notebook Upper Half Set Assembly Monitor B140XTN02.5 display matric screen N140BGE-LAA 1366*768 40pins FRU:04Y1517 no screw holes LPM140M420 00NY680 40 pins Non-Touch LED Panel 6th Gen5 2017 Keyboard US Backlit 01ER623 YODB keyboard 2014 GR with backlit Palmrest TOP Case 04X6500 0C45081 MQ-69D0 High 20V 3.25A 65W 45W AC Adapter Power Supply Charger G400 G500 G505 G405 13 JIGU Battery 45N1702 45N1703 FOR LENOVO x1, 20V, 3.25a, power adapter, American wall charger EU, g400, G500, g500s, g505, g505s, g405, yoga /DC T440 E431 Type C USB-C ac adapter (5th Gen)2017 20HQ 20HR A12 2-in-1 ZA1Y 00HT361 para ,i7-5500 probado I7-7500U RMA 01YN038 01AY065 01YN041 01YN068 Sticker Skin Decal fiber Protector Extreme P1 1st/2nd 15.6 Special Leather/Carbon vinyl Protection Extreme/P1 Orig Shell Bottom Base D 5 Listed in SM10N01545 01LV461 thinkpad 20KH 20KG IR FHD Rear Lid Back Top AQ16R000210 lenovo cover bottom case 00HN810 2015 model and 7th fingerprint Tray Bracket SB40P95815 new 00HM031 Lcd rear back 01LV492 01LV476 Refurbished 1 Bezel Frame Touchpad UK THINKPAD 4th 20FB 20FC case/The frame 00JT846 4.5A 90W ADLX90NDC2A 36200285 45N0243 45N0244 Series Ultrabook Cooling Heatsink Radiator Cooler ND55C86 5H40W36671 Antenna Kit WWAN 00HT406 T490 T490s T480 T480s 11e E580 X280 02DL126 WIFI Wireless And WLAN AUX Cable 00HT407 SA30A12355 SA30A12356 01YR429 DC02C00AT10 huiyuan Converter Dc Fit 11 4 Miix 7 100pcs 7.9*5.5mm Female USB Square IdeaPad X260 T460S T460 YOGA 1ST Intel AC17265 AC18260 WiGig antenna 10042RRW 00JT499 45N1700 45N1701 10pcs 2016 T460P T470S T470P trackpoint red cap 460 260 1st P40 2 OneLink+to VGA / RJ45 ADP 03X7014 01YT251 Full Gen(20LG)2018 QHD Digitizer 40PIN X270 T580 P51s P52s E480 E470 s2 T490S T495s X390 Gen2 HD-IR Webcam Camera 01HW064 01HW063 i5-6200U 448.04P15.002M free shipping 14282-2m I7-6500U/6600U test 14282-2M 4Gen 20FB, i7-6600 16GB 01AX813 Brand 01AW977 01AX899 OLED 2ND GEN 20FQ 20FR 20JD 20JE 20JF 20 JG 00UR191 Apply To UHD 2019 2020 year New/Orig module 01YT246 01AY703 Canadian French 01LX860 L860-GL WiFi Card 7Th 8Th 4Th T14 P14S T15 X13 P15S T15G 01AX796 95W ADLX95YCC3A 4.75A 15V/9V/5V 3A Y740S-15IRH Y9000X T480S Y740S S1 S2 TABLET 14S system board LRV1 448.04P16.002M I7-6600U 16822-1 LRV2 448.0A913.0011 I7-7500 16G NoteBook 01YR149 XT-XINTE 2017/2019 W/ Logo Housing SCB0L81627 460.0A90U.0002 01HY963.